About Us

Adams Properties manages with a personal touch. We work very closely with our boards of directors and make every effort to get to know the residents of our communities. Communication is very important to us. When you call our office during business hours, Monday through Thursday 9-5 and Friday, 9-4, you will speak with a knowledgeable member of our staff, not a recording or an answering service. We also utilize email. After hours and on weekends, our office phone is forwarded to our answering service and we are paged immediately. Urgent situations are addressed promptly.

One of our tasks aimed toward maintaining property values in our communities is performing weekly inspections. Oftentimes when we see a violation, we pick up the phone and call the offender, asking them to rectify the situation instead of sending a written notice which can take a few days to arrive; while in the meantime the violation may be ongoing. 

The Adams Properties Team

Janice Skenes

Janice Skenes has been with Adams Properties for 21 years. Janice is a local gal who grew up on James Island. She is responsible for rentals of Oakleaf Townhouses, as well as rental properties owned by individuals. Janice is a “hands on” person who is often out on the various properties. Hers is most often the smiling face from Adams Properties that you'll see driving through our communities making sure that everything is “ship shape!”